Tuesday, September 29, 2009

adventures on the NJ turnpike

So on our way up north we were taking the New Jersey Turnpike. We had our truck loaded down with more than we came down with, including a treadmill. We put many of our loose things in plastic bins so that they didn't get wet when it rained. One of them held all of Jason's clothes that we brought with us, one held all his new clothes, books and Jeff's emergency tools and the last one held extra dipers, wipes and a couple of games and my slippers.

We were bouncing down the road when Jeff looks back and says "yup we lost one" What! One of the bins bounced off the bed of the truck and onto the road. I panic, but Jeff is cool calm and collected. We wait in this huge line to get off the turnpike to just do a U-turn after the toll plaza. On our way south I convince Jeff to pull over to the side and hop the barrier to gather up stuff that we can before it blows into the road. He got almost everything, but one of my slippers was in the middle of the road. He waited for an opening, but there wasn't a safe one so he had to leave it. On the way back north we saw the slipper again on the side of the road. The slipper was run over a dozen times and the sole was partially coming off, but we got it back!

Lesson learned: don't stack boxes up in the truck bed!

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  1. I'm guessing you'll never do that again. Live and learn!