Monday, September 14, 2009

Getting ready for our trip

We are so excited for our trip down to Virginia starting later this week, but less than thrilled about the 20 hour drive to get there! As I am trying to find ideas for how to occupy our 7 month old while he is awake, a life saver came through! Our friend was caring for a baby full time for about a month and bought some toys for her. She won't need them any more so she asked if we wanted them. SCORE! New toys that Jason hasn't seen to occupy his time.

Now we just have to deal with the issue that he only nurses and refuses to take a bottle. Hopefully he doesn't keep that up on the road, because it will be a lot longer trip if we have to stop every 2 hours during the day. Since you can't drive and have the baby out of the car seat and I am not flexible enough to nurse him while he is in the car seat we are hoping he will take a bottle. On the way up here he was willing to take pumped milk, but he was a lot younger then. He also kind of zones and doesn't eat as much when we are driving as he would normally, at least he did.

We also have the issue that everyone wants to see us. Jason has 2 aunts, 2 uncles and many friends in Virginia that he has yet to meet. And who wouldn't want to meet this adorable little guy:

We just have to find time to fit them all in! I think we have figured out a schedule that will hopefully work. I hope no one feels left out. Of course everyone has full time jobs that they have to be at during the week, but that is most of the time we are free. We are planning on getting photos done of Jason on one of those days and I hope to go shopping some new clothes for him (don't tell Jeff.) I'm working on a packing list, but I know I will forget something. When it was just Jeff and I, we needed so little. Now that we have the baby it feels like we need a ton of things just for him.

Well the baby is up, guess I better go get him.

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