Monday, September 28, 2009

Virginia Visit

As you may have gathered we recently went back to the US for a wedding and to visit friends and family. We had a wonderful time seeing everyone and there didn't seem like enough time to do everything. Jason was pretty good driving down and we traveled through the night. We arrived on Friday afternoon much sooner than I had expected. That afternoon we ran a couple of errands and we spent the evening with my parents. Jeff went to see his friend Nate that evening and Jason and I went to sleep early that night.

Saturday morning Grandma took Jason and I out shopping and spoiled the little boy (and his mom) with a new winter wardrobe for Jason. I can't wait until he grows into those cute clothes. That afternoon we spent some time with Nate and met his little boy, T'iyler. T'iyler is twice as big as Jason, but was only born 2 weeks before him. That evening we got to catch up with Nathan and Christi, who was a natural with Jason!

Sunday we went to Jeff's old church and Aunt Karen got to meet Jason. We even got to see the pastor who married us! That afternoon we went to Nate and Heather's wedding that we originally traveled down for. It was great to see friends at the ceremony. We got to go bowling with Nathan that evening and hung out with the bride and groom at a bar later that night.

Monday we took Jason to the national zoo. It was nice family time, but a little disappointing as many of the exhibits were closed. That night we went out to dinner with Granddad Salomon, who was in town on business.

Tuesday morning we spent some time catching up on sleep. We enjoyed cuddling with Jason, but had to get started with our day. After lunch at home we went out shopping. We spent most of the day shopping and enjoying seeing more stores then we would have been able to find in all of Ontario. That evening we went out with Aunt Karen and Granddad Salomon again.

Wednesday we went down to Newport News to visit Aunt Julie. It didn't take nearly as long to get down there as we thought and we enjoyed seeing her again.

Thursday afternoon Grandma and Grandpa Comer came home early and we all went to the American History Museum. We also got to go out with them and Uncle Brian and Uncle Kevin. That night we picked up a treadmill from Karen to bring with us up to Canada. After we put Jason to bed we got to visit with Chris. We were having a ton of fun, but had to go after not too long since we had a long drive the next day.

Friday we started up north with a stop in Connecticut to see Cousins Chrissy and Gary. They had a great time meeting Jason. After telling them that the little boy would be good a dinner out he proceeded to prove me wrong and fussed much of the time. That evening we got in a couple more hours of traveling before stopping for the night.

All day Saturday we spent driving and finally arrived home around 10pm. We even hefted the treadmill up our treacherous stairs. We spent most of Sunday unpacking everything and putting the house back in order.

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