Saturday, January 23, 2010

Shower Troll

Now that Jason is crawling and pulling up on things we can't just sit him in the bouncer chair and hope that he will entertain him while we are showering. So instead we bring out toys, some of his favorites, to entertain him as he crawls around the bathroom. Instead of playing with all those great toys Jason wants to peek into the shower. Peek may be a deceptive way to put it, pulling the curtain half way open is really more discriptive. Most normal people would notice that doing this will get you (and the floor) soaked, but Jason doesn't care. If our bathtub was low enough I am pretty sure he would try to climb in with us. So he has earned himself the nicname of Shower Troll
Peering in at us is a vast improvement to what he used to do, sit in the bathroom and scream because he couldn't see us. This way he doesn't scream so we work with it. But it isn't only the shower he goes after. Any time he is in the bathroom with us he will attack everything in there: the trashcan, the toilet paper, the toilet. So on any given day if you drop in on us without warning you will not only find smudges on the mirror and a couple of stray hairs, but also the trashcan in the sink and the toiletpaper on the back of the toilet. Such is the life of the family of the Shower Troll.

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