Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Troublemaker at 11 months

Jason is always looking to get into something. He has about a million toys, but only wants to play with what he can't have. He still loves to play in the refridgerator and dishwasher, but now he has found Mom's scrapbooking stuff, the key rack, wrapping paper, tredmill, behind the TV and anything else that might be extreamly distructive. So we stop him, redirect him and he gives us a "love nip." Yes, my son has learned not only that biting hurts, but you can hurt Mommy when she doesn't do what you want. Any suggestions on how to correct this situation?
I don't always mean to be complaining because we are really lucky. Jason is a very sweet boy and is currently sitting here giggling at me. He has been eating a lot more foods and trying things that Jeff and I eat. We think he has even figured out the sippy cup. He isn't walking yet, but a couple of times he has stood up for a few seconds without holding on to anything.

I can't believe that Jason is 11 months already. I was kind of in denial that he was getting older until the new year started. Now we are planning his first birthday party. We are thinking of doing a Winter ONEderland theme and inviting some of the families from the center that we go to on an almost daily basis. I'm not sure what to do with all those kids, but I am working on some ideas.

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