Thursday, July 15, 2010

Huntin' Buffalo

So Saturday was a hard day for Jeff.  After working for just a few days at his new job he had to work all day on a proposal due on Monday.  By the time Jason went to bed we decided to relax out on the walkway in front of our room with our beverage of choice, talk about klassy!  Jeff had beer and I had a girlly drink because well... I'm a girlly girl.  We got to talk and relax which was exactly what we both needed.

The next day we were talking and Jeff said something about hunting buffalo last night.  Um...what?  I'm pretty sure I've never been hunting and even if I had it wouldn't have been for something as rare as a buffalo and we weren't doing anything like that yesterday.  As he often does Jeff waited for an extra minute before explaining himself.

When the west was wild and the bad white man wasn't interfearing indians would hunt buffalo by scaring the herd and killing the stragglers.  Thus killing off the weak, sick or old buffalos and making the herd stronger.  Because you, of course, are only as strong as your weekest link.  We have all been told that when you drink you kill braincells, but Jeff argues that it is only the straggler, weak, sick and old braincells so you are actually becoming smarter.  This isn't the first time I heard this theory or even the second and if you ever get to drinking with Jeff ask him about it because he loves to tell it and does it WAY better than I do.  Have fun huntin' your buffalo.

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