Monday, July 12, 2010

Truth or Consequences

So we completed the final leg of our trip and arrived at Truth or Consequences, New Mexico about a week ago.  We are currently staying in a local hotel while we try to find a suitable home.  In fact, Jason and I are going out to look at one in a little bit so I will have to keep this short, but I wanted to share some pictures we have been taking lately.  I have been practicing with our new camera and trying to figure out all the settings so most of these photos were taken at the hotel.
Jason had a bit of trouble sleeping at first with all the schedule change so we went outside for a sunrise photoshoot.  Good thing he is so cute!
Oh how we love this boy!

Learning to use aperture priority mode and pretty roses.  Except for that dead one on the right.  Next lesson: photoshop!
After being asked "where's Mama?"
Mid clap

What Jeff and I come in to stare at every night.  Don't worry we are right outside the door with a monitor, but any noise inside will keep him awake.

Have I discussed how he is such a boy?  Loves, loves, LOVES to run through puddles.
Last one:  my cuddle bug relaxing in his chair. 

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