Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas is coming!

And I can't wait!  Our big plans are to go and spend some time in San Antonio with Jeff's family.  We were supposed to leave on Friday, December 17th, but Jeff had an important meeting rescheduled for the following Monday so we aren't leaving until that afternoon.  Hopefully the drive will be quick and painless. 

Jason has really been getting into the holiday spirit.  He loves to look at all the ornaments on the tree and really enjoyed the left over sugar cookies from the batch I made to hand out to Jeff's co-workers.  He was even okay when we saw Santa at a holiday party.  We have also been reading The Night Before Christmas almost every day and he is tolerating it well.  I for one can't wait to see him on Christmas morning with the pile of gifts staring up at him!


 We have been talking about the real meaning behind Christmas with him also and although he doesn't grasp everything I am glad we have started the conversation.  Every evening we do 2 advent calenders, the first one is a magnetic nativity scene where Jason gets to put a character or thing up.  We have had some flying wisemen or animals in the stable rafters, but Jeff and I help him out.  The second calender is just for fun and the one that Jason loves the best.  He gets a M&M on each night of December and has no trouble reminding us to complete this tradition.


As for the rest of the Christmas preperations I have almost all of the gifts wraped and packed up to take with us to Texas.  The Christmas cards got out yesterday, later than I like, but at least they made it out before Christmas!  And everyone loved the Christmas cookies I made for Jeff's co-workers and Jason's therapists.  So all in all I think we are ready for Christmas to get here, but not too fast because the anticipation is half of the fun!

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