Sunday, December 5, 2010

Elizabeth is still a girl

That's right!  The good news is that our baby is still a girl.  The bad news is that our ultrasound tech was terrible!  We were supposed to go in for a high tech ultrasound to check baby girl's fingers.  When Jason was in utero we could see his and knew that he would have Jeff's fingers.  This tech tried for a few seconds then said the Doctor would come in and try.  When the doctor came in she said that the tech had told her that they couldn't see them.  I originally thought we wouldn't find out this time until baby girl was born, but when my OB said that they could refer me to go in I was happy to find out early.  It was just really frustrating that we couldn't see what we were specifically there to see!

You may have noticed that baby girl now has a name too.  We have for the most part decided on Elizabeth, unless something big changes before the end of March.  The thing we haven't decided is her middle name.  Originally we said Elizabeth Ann, but now we are considering Grace or Clare.  We knew we wanted something short since this girl will have a long first and last name.  So we would love to hear what you think.  I am adding a poll, please vote or comment and share your thoughts!


  1. My goal is to have as many boys as possible. That way Elizabeth can choose from my plethora of man children to marry from. Thoughts? :)

  2. This coming from the guy who KNEW he was going to only have girls! T-man is a cutie so I guess we will aprove of your sons. Jason is already betrothed to some Canadian girls, so I don't see why Elizabeth would be left out :)

  3. Boo for the bad u/s tech! I can't really help with the name. You should have seen us trying to come up with Katie and Dakota's names. ;) Dakota being particularly hard. She was going to be Rachel but Steve likes Rachael as the spelling better and I didn't want the family confusion we have with KK and I ;) so we went with it as her middle name instead. Worked out well with her birthday being what it is. ;)

    That said I really like the flow of Elizabeth Ann. ;)

  4. Ahh I have Steve to blame for spelling it wrong then and we still ended up with a baby cousin named Rachel! Then my brother went and married a girl named Rachel. What can I say it's a great name :) I can't say that I will ever forget Dakota's birthday though, now we just have to get together so I can meet her!