Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Continuing a tradtion

My family has a tradition of interesting Christmas cards. You will know this for sure if you have ever been the recipient of the Comer Family News. I can’t hope to be as witty as my dad so I have to rely on my son’s amazing adorableness! This year I have decided to use Shutterfly to design our Christmas cards. It is hard for us as a family of three to get good pictures of all of us together. Someone is always looking away or Jason is unhappy to be posed in a photo. So instead of finding a good picture of the three of us Jeff and I decided to instead use one of the many adorable photos of Jason and a good one of the two of us. So we needed a design that would hold two photos and we wanted one that would go with the colors in our chosen photos. Having such a great selection at Shutterfly was very helpful in appeasing my picky hubby. I really liked how we could narrow down the amount of photos and the color on the side Christmas Photo Cards It also didn’t hurt that if you blog about Shutterfly cards you can get a credit for 50 free cards (that has nothing to do with this post, of course.)

I had considered making calendars for family members, but they will be much better when we have two cuties to put in them. By next December it will be outdated to only have Jason in photos! Maybe if I can weasel Jeff into getting more pro shots or I get really good at working our SLR I can ask for one of our photos to be made into canvas wall art. The prices on these Canvas Wall Art don’t look bad and if you know anything about Jeff you know that price is a major consideration

I would share the photos that I have picked out with you, but then they wouldn’t be a surprise when they arrived in your mailbox. I will be sure to scan the ones we get to send electronically to Jeff’s work friends in Australia and Indonesia so maybe I will post it after Christmas. Well, I’m excited to get going on ordering our card so that we can get it out before we leave for Christmas vacation. I hope your family keeps us updated over the holidays.

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