Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We hope you all had a very blessed Christmas and rang in the New Year in celebration!  We have returned home from San Antonio, found homes for most of our new stuff, and taken down our Christmas decorations.  For Jason, this was the year of the train.  He got tons of Thomas the Train stuff and loves it all!  I got a new lens for my camera and a Cricut Imagine that both prints and cuts for scrapbooking, among other wonderful things.  Jeff is ready to be decked out as a true Texas Cowboy and Elizabeth got tons of girly clothes.

We did experiance our own little Christmas miracle.  Jason started talking to us.  After saying tortilla he figured out how excited his parents were that he was speaking.  He has said so many things I can't even count them.  Lots of more animal sounds, yes and no reliably, choo choo train, two,and he repeats any word he chooses.  I will have to be sure to get a video of him when he is in a chatty mood.  True to two year old fashion when you ask him to say something he will give you a sweet little "no."  He also has his own little way of saying "Elizabeth" and "Christmas Eve", which he insisted on saying from Christmas Eve all the way through New Years Day.  We are so happy he is making leaps and bounds towards speaking!

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  1. Exciting Jason is speaking. We all knew he would just explode when he felt like it, and that's what happened!

    Glad your Christmas was so fun and everyone is happy with their presents. Jeff looks like a stud :)