Sunday, January 22, 2012

sweet siblings

I'm sorry I have to keep this short, but there is an attack baby who wants to nibble on my laptop.  Recently I have had a few friends who have shared concerns about having two babies close together.  Although ours aren't as close as others (Karen, you're my hero) 25 months between the two can make life a battle at times.  I just had to share this supper cute story from this morning.

I was cleaning the kitchen, which desperately needed it.  I had Elizabeth in with me, but Jason was playing trains in his room.  He came in and the next thing I know I find him crawling around the island.  He is playing chase and entertaining his sister.  They are both giggling away and I wish I had gotten a video.  He can be so sweet to her sometimes and I love to see them hug on each other.  Also Jason has started this habit of when Elizabeth wakes up and cries out he wants to be the first one in her room to rescue her. 

I knew when we had a second child that Jason would teach her things, but I had no clue that she would be teaching him things.  Elizabeth, like most babies, likes to put everything into her mouth.  Jason never really got into this so I am treading through uncharted territory.  I should say that he never got into it until he saw Elizabeth doing it.  I have wondered if him exploring the world with his mouth lead to his recent speech development.  Now I just hope he will copy sister's love of veggies!
"hehe ya right Mommy!"

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  1. Your story of hope makes me think that we can do it too! Very nice pictures of your family on here again :)