Thursday, November 1, 2012

Big Day!

Goodness!  Yesterday was a huge day for us.  I'll start off with the cute Halloween photos.  We went trick or treating around our neighborhood and the kids loved it!  Jason was ready to get on his costume as soon as we got home from Dallas.  After dinner and some photos we headed out for the night.  Both kids were carried a bit, but Jason was almost running up every driveway.  Eventually we were debating if we should be done or hit one more street and Jason said to us, "I think I'm ready to go home now" so we did.
2012_10_ 091 by RachSal
2012_10_ 093 by RachSal
2012_10_ 096 by RachSal
2012_10_ 098 by RachSal
Earlier that day we headed into Dallas and were looking at new car seats for both kids for when they are riding in Jeff's truck.  Jason's had expired and for Elizabeth we were using her infant seat, which she had outgrown, or moving the convertible from my car to Jeff's truck and back again.  We did find a new seat for Jason, but weren't able to find one that was as compact as we would like for Elizabeth.  It seems like car seats are getting bigger and bigger lately!
2012_10_ 086 by RachSal
The main reason we went to Dallas yesterday was to get the kids casts off.  Grandpa has been displaced due to Sandy so he joined us and helped Jason watch trains and pass the time while we waited.  The last time Jason had a cast on there was a mix up and he had a harder cast.  They had to use a cast saw to take it off and although he did pretty well we knew he was anxious about hearing that noisy saw again.  This time he insisted that his sister go first and we were all pleasantly surprised when the nurse just unwrapped Elizabeth's cast like an Ace bandage!  Elizabeth was concerned as her hand was unwrapped, but when it was all done and her hand was washed she took having her hand back in stride.  Jason was more excited about having his cast off, but as the cast came off and he saw his hand he started to freak out a bit.  We washed his hand, but he wasn't happy until we covered his hand back up.  He alternated between not wanting to see his hand and wanting to pick at it.  We covered up his hand so that he couldn't pick at it much and it wouldn't scar too bad.  The hands look a little gross, but I did take some pictures.  The hands will look way better in the next few days.  I know not everyone will want to see these hands so I am putting them at the end of the post.  Thank you all for thinking about us!

Elizabeth's hand photos:
2012_10_ 087 by RachSal
2012_10_ 089 by RachSal

Jason's hand photos:
2012_10_ 099 by RachSal
2012_10_ 100 by RachSal

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    This might help with the sizes. Lots of the seats aren't available in many stores, but you can usually buy them online with free returns. The associated forums are good answering questions about specific vehicle-to-car seat combinations.

    I could also help, if you'd like. Just send a message my way.