Thursday, November 15, 2012

I get it!

You know when you have been struggling with something and then you finally get it?  My mom used to say "light dawns on marble head."  Well that is how I felt this week.  I have been trying to get better at photography.  Not like I want to become a professional photographer, more like I want to capture my kids really well.  I know the most important part is understanding my camera and how to make the most of my photos straight out of the camera, but sometimes things don't work out right.  So I have been wishing I knew more about some photo editing software.  We were gifted Photoshop Elements and it had been sitting on the shelf until I decided to install it.  Now what?  I opened it and had no clue what to do!  So a couple of months went by and I ran across a tutorial by accident and the light dawned.  I'm slowly (very slowly) learning to figure this stuff out.  So you get to be tourtured by the fruit of my work:
2012_11_002_edited-1 by RachSal
I've always wanted to learn how to do this!

2012_11_008_edited-1 by RachSal

Something else I'm loving, Jason's imgination!  Lately when Jeff comes home he has been begging Daddy to play Pooh and Piglet.  Sometimes Elizabeth is even let in on the action.  They go to the "thoughtful spot" to figure out if they are going to play chase, go ice skating, go fishing, listen to Owl read a story, or do a dozen other things Jeff is wonderful enough to think up.
2012_11_023 by RachSal2012_11_021 by RachSal

2012_11_024 by RachSal

And of course we need some focus on my sweet girl wearing a headband for about 5 seconds!
2012_11_032_edited-2 by RachSal

2012_11_038 by RachSal

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