Monday, November 19, 2012

The most amazing husband or why I'm a klutz

Our house was starting to look gross so I decided to clean it from top to bottom.  It would be nice to return from Thanksgiving to a clean house then get decorated for Christmas.  When it opened I called the hand surgery unit because Elizabeth's wrist, where they took the skin graft from for her hand surgery, was taking longer than expected to heal and was possibly looking infected.  I sent the nurse a picture and she said she would talk to the doctor and call me back.  So while I was waiting I went back to cleaning.  I had just finished moping the kitchen and was moving all the cleaning stuff to the bathroom.  I grabbed the paper towels, cleaning spray and my phone so that I could catch the nurses return call.  As I turned to head out of the kitchen it happened, I dropped my phone and spash, of course it landed in the mop bucket!  I could not make that shot if I had tried!  I grabbed it out and worked on ripping off the cover. 

After looking on the internet I found out that there are a few things you are NOT supposed to do if you drop your phone in water:
  • Turn it on
  • plug it into the power cord
Before I saw this guess what I did...turned it on.  The screen had dark spots on it and the sound wasn't working, but I could and did text my husband freaking out about what I did.  Then I remembered I had heard about people using rice to help dry out waterlogged phones.  I realized that the rice was getting lodged in the crevices for the power cord and the headphones so I plugged it in and put in the headphones to avoid getting rice stuck in there.  Then I looked online and realized I was doing everything wrong and expecting miracles too soon.  So I ploped it into a bowl of rice, left it alone and went back to cleaning.

I was just finishing all the cleaning when I heard the garage door open.  In walks Jeff and says so what happened with your phone?  I relate it all to him and he asks if going out to lunch would make me feel any better.  Yup I numbed the pain of my loss with yummy food for a little bit.  Now I'm going to leave my phone in the rice until Wednesday when we leave for San Antonio and hope it will work!

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