Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas trains

This season always gets so busy.  Right now I am in my bake-a-thon, but I needed to sit down for a bit so I figured I would post some of the photos from this weekend.  We headed into Dallas to finish up the last of our shopping and to see the trains.  Every year at North Park Mall Ronald McDonald house puts on Trains at North Park.  We went last year and it was amazing.  I was really looking forward to going again this year and we weren't disappointed.  Jason loved chasing the trains back and forth and even Elizabeth got in on watching the trains.  They were worn out by the end of the afternoon and we had a very quiet drive home.

2012_12_ 133 by RachSal

2012_12_ 136 by RachSal

2012_12_ 137 by RachSal
He was SO excited

2012_12_ 141 by RachSal
This is the train that Jason chased everywhere

2012_12_ 143 by RachSal
Daddy providing a bit of non-train entertainment for Elizabeth

2012_12_ 151 by RachSal

2012_12_ 155 by RachSal

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