Thursday, December 27, 2012

Very Merry Christmas

We hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas.  Jason was not feeling well at all on Christmas Eve and after a trip to the doctor we found out he had a pretty bad ear infection.  We were worried that it would ruin his Christmas, but thank God for modern medicine, he was feeling much better the next day. 
xmas2012_003 by RachSal
Santa has been here!
xmas2012_004 by RachSal
We were all pretty spoiled this Christmas, we must have been pretty good this year.  Jeff got some tools, games, and shirts.  I got lots of stuff for the house (vacuum, steam mop, towels, pillow and sheets), necklaces and books.  Jason must be taking after his father because he got lots of games, trains and construction equipment.  Elizabeth is drowing in little people (house, circus, princess palace and car) and dolls, with some clothes thrown in.

xmas2012_010 by RachSal
Elizabeth loved opening any and all gifts!

xmas2012_013 by RachSal
This was a very popular gift! I think there were 4 of them by the end of the morning
xmas2012_041 by RachSal
Jason in his new cowboy slippers and opening his scooter
xmas2012_021 by RachSal
very happy Grandma

xmas2012_012 by RachSal
Elizabeth loves playing in the house from Aunt Michelle
xmas2012_019 by RachSal
Jeff showing Jason his new drill
xmas2012_046 by RachSal
Jason's favorite toy: his remote controlled train!

xmas2012_031 by RachSal
Elizabeth and I opening our matching quilts

We were just so thrilled to get to spend this time with each other and our family.  We wish you a wonderful new year!

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