Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Santa's Lap

It is pretty classic that little children freak out a bit when they sit on Santa's Lap and our Elizabeth was no different.  We were in Virginia to celebrate my dad"s retirement and since the kids were all dressed up to go to the ceremony we decided to get pictures done with Santa.  At first Elizabeth was willing to follow her brother, but eventually she decided that she was not okay with this Santa guy.

2012_12_ 043_edited-1 by RachSal
2012_12_ 047 by RachSal
2012_12_ 048 by RachSal
2012_12_ 049_edited-1 by RachSal
And then there was one!  At least we did get a good photo at the beginning.
Santa photo by RachSal

After our Santa attempt we headed over to Grandpa's retirement ceremony.
2012_12_ 057 by RachSal
2012_12_ 083 by RachSal2012_12_ 088 by RachSal

Earlier in the weekend we got to see my cousin Chrissy and her family.  We all headed over to the Air and Space museum and the Natural History museum on the Mall in DC.  We don't get to see them much so we really enjoyed spending time with them!
2012_12_ 016 by RachSal
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2012_12_ 038 by RachSal

We also celebrated my brother's 26th birthday.
2012_12_ 106 by RachSal
2012_12_ 107 by RachSal
2012_12_ 114.1 by RachSal

It was a great trip back to Virginia, but it is nice to be home again also.  Jason really enjoys being able to play with all his trains again!

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