Tuesday, January 8, 2013

hard new year!

My poor boy had such a hard new year.  We returned from holiday trip to San Antonio on Sunday December 30th.  Jeff and I were unpacking the truck and it was pretty cold outside so we brought the kids inside to run out energy pent up from the 5 hour drive.  Aparently Jason's idea of buning off energy was to grab his sister's cart and run it under her nose, so of course she had to grab it back.  As I said Jeff and I were in and out of the house bringing stuff in so some of this has been pieced together.  What we think happened was Jason was standing on the elevated brick fireplace pulling on the cart and Elizabeth was below him and she pulled him off balance.  We think he fell face first onto the brick, but we know he ended up with a nasty gash on his forehead. 
head wound by RachSal
Jeff and I walked in with our arms full to Jason crying in the other room.  Jeff found him saying I think I got an ouchy.  I cleained him up and realized it was really deep so we hopped back into the car to head over to the ER.  I was about to say that I'm pretty proud of us for keeping him out of the ER for almost 4 years, but I forgot his trip when he was only 3 days old for jaundice.  When we got to the ER it was a bit of a wait, but we were bumped to the front of the line.  Aparently a 3 year old with a bleeding head wound gets you the premire service at the Fairfield Emergency Room.

The doctor had hoped he could just use glue, but the wound kept opening up so they had to hold poor Jason down and give him 3 stiches.  Funny enough when it was all over Jason said the worst part was having the light shined on him so the doctor could see.  It was difficult to keep him to leave the bandage and most recently the scab alone.  He got the stiches out on Saturday and we are hoping the scar won't be too bad.

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