Thursday, January 24, 2013

worrying and imagining

Yesterday after story time, the kids were playing with puzzles and the librarian that runs the program came up to me offering a book called "living with autism."  It took me a few seconds to figure out what he could be talking about before I vehemently insisted that Jason does NOT have autism before I rushed the kids out the door.  He kept trying to convince me that there were great diagnostic tools in there as we were rushing away.  I was so furious and had to get out before I said something I might regret.  I'm sure he is remembering back to how Jason was slow to talk and saw that as a sign of autism.  It is a great case of how a little knowledge is a very dangerous thing!
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Jason has been speaking for over a year now and his speech teacher said he picked it up faster than any other kids she had seen.  He is shy, but his social skills have been emerging more and more every day.  His imagination blows me away (more on that later!)  I don't think very much of this guys opinion, so why was I so pissed?  It probably had something to do with why I knew all these warning signs of autism.  I'm so glad that information about autism is getting out and parents are learning more about what to look for, but it certainly can freak out a mom who worries too much (like most of us do.) 

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Speaking of his imagination I love hearing him play now.  He is always making up stories about what is going on with his cars or trains or anything else he is playing with.  His sister loves to get to join in!  Elizabeth has always wanted to play with anything her brother is playing with, but is just coming into playing with some of her own toys.  She has recently been really into cuddling her babies and putting them to bed.  They both of course love to play outside and Jeff taught Jason freeze tag and he has wanted to play it every time we got outside lately.  Thank goodness we have been having some beautiful weather recently.

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