Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Party weekend!

Wow we had a great weekend!

Jason had his birthday party on Saturday and he had a wonderful time!  We were so thrilled that so many of Jason's friends were able to come.  If you know our son you will understand why we had a train themed party.  It was a rainy day so we did all our activities inside, but I hope the kids had a good time.
IMG_7798 by RachSal

 IMG_7800 by RachSal

IMG_7802 by RachSal
Funny story.  I intended to make Jason a cake in the shape of a train, but when I went to take the cake out of the pan it crumbled apart so this was our back up cake

IMG_7803 by RachSal

IMG_7804 by RachSal
Cake pops from the crumbled train cake

IMG_7805 by RachSal
Daddy built a huge track for the boys to play with

IMG_7806 by RachSal
The party continued long after our friends were gone

We sure had a wonderful time at a friends party on Sunday.  Jason and Elizabeth had a great time driving around on their electric cars and getting their face and hand painted. 

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