Friday, July 26, 2013

Our July

Just in case you haven't noticed I have been majorly Blog slacking!  It isn't a lack of things we were doing, I just felt like I had a million other things to do.  I'm catching up now though and the summer is slowing down for most of August until school starts again in September.  Speaking of school it is crazy to me how many friends in Arizona have kids already starting school!  Back in Virginia we didn't start until after Labor day.  I guess because there, like here, it feels like summer 3/4 of the year they might as well start early and get it over with faster.  Anyway, on with what has been going on this July!

We started the month with a visit from my parents.  We enjoyed watching the fireworks with them and exploring a neighboring town. 

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I have been wanting to visit Corsicana for a little while so walking around the old downtown seemed like a great thing to do with our visitors.  It just made me wish we had a bigger car so we didn't have to take 2 to get there.  We found this cute little park in the downtown so we let the kids run around.  They didn't really want to stop to have their pictures taken!

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We were sad to see Grandma and Grandpa leave, but we have been keeping busy in their absence.  Jason did swim lessons a town away for 2 weeks
He really enjoyed it and learned a lot.  He is very excited to learn to swim without a life vest on!  We have been doing other fun summer time activities like eating ice cream and Jason has been on a major puzzle kick lately.  One of the kids favorite activities is to wrestle with Daddy on the bed!
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One bit of excitement around our house is that we just got a new big camper.  We used to have a pop up camper, but decided that because it looks like we are going to be in Texas for a while we would like to have something with air conditioning.  Especially since in a bit we will have to worry about school schedules and the best time to go camping will really be during the summer.
We just took our first weekend trip in the camper and loved it.  We went to Pedernales Falls and the kids loved playing in the water.  The next day we met up with our other set of grandparents and Aunt Michelle at Schlitterbahn.  Jason was so big he rode almost every ride and loved them all.  It just made me realize how quickly he is growing up.  I can't believe next year at this time we will be getting ready for Kindergarten!  I digress, with all this water fun I didn't get many photos, but the next day we climbed up Enchanted Rock.  This time I took lots of pictures!  Jason and Daddy even got to go explore the cave at the top.  Jason was so exhausted and wanted to go in the cave again you can see him crying as we were about to head back down the hill. 
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We ended our camping trip with some s'mores at the campfire.  As you can see the kids hated them and didn't want anything to do with that chocolaty goodness.
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I can't believe the year is more than half over.  We hope you have been having a wonderful summer and special birthday wishes to Grandpa Salomon, Grandpa Comer and Aunt Karen!

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  1. Add picture of Jason and Elizabeth's fingers of both hands, can they fold they fingers which were fused now after separated