Friday, March 21, 2014

Calling Baton Rouge

We spent last weekend camping in Louisiana.  We wanted to go on a dry run with our camper and had never visited Louisiana so we just went for it.  We started by visiting the French Quarter in New Orleans

We ended our day with s'mores around a fake campfire since we didn't have a firepit at the campsite.  We made do and the kids had a blast!

The next day we explored both the old and new state capital buildings in Baton Rouge.

Elizabeth wanted to look for Cinderella in this castle, but couldn't find her!

Next we visited the USS Kidd and our kids had a great time climbing all over the ship!

We didn't go in because the kids were passed out in the back seat, but we did get to see the unusual New Capital Building.

With beautiful gardens right out front!

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