Friday, March 21, 2014


I have said before that Jason is our shy guy, but that might be changing.  Where at one time he would run away when introduced to new people, now he goes up and says "Hi, I'm Jason and this is my sister Elizabeth."  We tend to see our children in one light until we are forced to change.  Yesterday Jason had his 5 year old check up.  We learned that although he is very small for his age he continues to grow along the same curve.  Because of this check up we had to drop him off late to preschool.  The other kids all at the playground running around.  We have always thought that Jason was more of a follower and when he talked about his sidekicks, Isacc and Ian, he was really more of a sidekick to them.  I was pleasantly surprised then when we went to the playground to drop him off and many of the boys ran up to greet him and seemed genuinely glad he was there.  It just makes me very happy that he is making some really good friends and socializing well.   I don't know why I'm surprised, Jason is just letting the other children see what an amazing person we know him to be.

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