Sunday, April 27, 2014

Magical Plans

The other week I let you know about our plans to visit Walt Disney World in May.  Guess what, May is almost here!!!  We are getting ready to leave on Friday and I am so pumped!!!  So here is our plan of attack:  This week we are getting the camper and the car all packed up and ready to pull out of the driveway super early on Friday morning and driving all day to stop at a campground near Tallahassee.  Then Saturday (May 3, 2014) we will finish out the drive and get settled at Fort Wilderness Campground.  We might even have time for s'mores and a campfire with Chip and Dale. Here's the plan for the rest of the week:
Sunday: Animal Kingdom
Monday: Epcot
Tuesday: Magic Kingdom
Wednesday: Rest Day
Thursday: Hollywood Studios
Friday: Magic Kingdom
Saturday: pack up and go home :(

Of course there are touring plans and FastPass Plus reservations and Advanced Dining Reservations that have all been scheduled, but no one probably cares about all those details except for me.  On the phone with my parents last weekend I let them know that the college degree in Event Planning they paid for didn't go to waste, I can plan a trip to Disney for my family!

You may have noticed we will be spending quite a bit of time in the car.  So to avoid complete meltdowns I have been putting together a few things for our trip.  Of course we will be taking the Excursion so I am sure there will be a lot of movie watching.  I have new toys wrapped for the kids to get every few hours.
I got these small cookie sheets and put chalkboard contact paper on them so the kids can draw right on the board.  They are magnetic so I'll have to see if I can find more fun magnets for them.  Also they can be used as a lap pad for coloring or eating and crayons don't roll away thanks to the edges.
I also made these neck pillows for the kids because I always feel so bad when their heads flop and roll as they try to sleep in the car. 
IMG_3498 IMG_3494
I've also been preparing our bag that we are going to take into the park.  This is the one we will be leaving on the stroller and not putting anything too valuable
IMG_3504 IMG_3507
In the bag I have:
  • Disposable ponchos for each of us
  • hand sanitizer
  • First Aid kit
  • A full change of clothes for each kid
  • Stain stick
  • Sun Screen
  • Mini brush
  • Cheep glowsticks so I don't have to pay an arm and a leg for the ones in the park
  • Asprin
  • Quarters and pennies for penny pressing machines
  • Stroller lock
  • Mommy hook to hold extra bags we may acquire through the day
  • Tissues
  • Quick dry towel
  • Wet wipes
  • Autograph books and a retractable marker for the Characters
Now what am I forgetting?

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