Monday, April 7, 2014

First T-ball game

So Jason had his first t-ball game this weekend.  He is so excited about playing and he has been trying his hardest.  We could probably work with him more on hitting and catching, but oh boy he looked cute!

Like here he is ready to field the ball

And here he completely misses it.
He did hit the ball twice.  Both times he only hit the ball a little in front of the tee, which ends up working out because the pitcher had to hurry up to grab the ball and Jason was already on his way to first.  On his first time at bat Jason ran to first then rounded and ran to second and was on his way to third when he got tagged out.  We failed to tell him that he should wait and until his coach tells him to keep going before rounding the bases. 


His second time at bat he remembered to stop and watch for his coaches directions.  He made it to third and probably would have gone home if his team had not struck out at that time.
All in all we are happy he is having a lot of fun and we hope to explain the game to him a bit better.

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