Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Beautiful Elizabeth

I can't believe our sweet girl is turning two today.  I know I complained about her a bit last post, but she is normally a real sweetheart.  Our girl loves to cuddle tons and tons.  Her vocabulary is amazing and I love how much she talks to us (especially after Jason wouldn't.)  She still has a little Irish temper, but she cools down quickly.  She doesn't know how to respond when some one (especially her brother) apologizes to her so she will say sorry right back.  Sometimes Jeff calls her our strawberry shortcake because she loves her strawberries, we always have some in the fridge.  It is a little concerning how much she loves to run around without pants on, so we hope she grows out of that!  Just the other day she was wondering around the house telling us she was "the prettiest princess ever ever ever".  SO CUTE!  I thought by now Elizabeth would fall into a nickname, Lizzy or Betsy or Beth, but she is still Elizabeth most of the time so that may not happen until she is older or happen at all.  I made a slideshow of her first two years and it really felt like these past two years have passed in a blink of an eye.  In addition I realized she had some outfits that I really loved!  When I asked Jason what he would say about his sister to someone who didn't know her and he said, "she helps me when I need help with something."  The older Elizabeth gets the more and more they like to play together.  That is one of the most wonderful things to see as a mother!
Elizabeth you are our wonderful sweet girl and we love you so much!

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