Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ride on

So you guys remember the car that we got Jason for his birthday, he likes it and his sister loves it.  So that he could keep up Jeff got a bike, well instead of his car Jason wanted to follow Dad around on his tricycle.  So Jeff and Jason rode around the block like that a few times and we knew we had to get Jason a big bike.  Jason was SO excited, but we were having a hard time finding a bike that fit him just right at some of the more affordable stores.  He was so discouraged that at one point he said that he would just rather ride his tricycle.  Finally we tried the Richardson Bike Mart, which was where we got Jeff's bike from.  It was pricier than we wanted, but Jason loved it!  He tried out a couple and we think this one fits him best.
Now he loves to go out cycling with Dad and gets upset when Jeff goes out on his own.  Jason is getting a bit big to ride in the stroller so we put our double in the attic and on our most recent walk I had Jason ride his bike next to me.  We do have a few kinks to work out, there is really no way to bundle him up really well when Jason is riding, so mornings can get a bit chilly.  Also Jason can ride his bike downhill faster than I can walk so we have to work on him slowing down.  Jason isn't the only one getting in on the bike riding action.  Jeff also installed a child seat on the back of his bike.  Elizabeth has only gotten to ride on it once, but she seemed to like it. 
It is looking more and more like I need to get a bike to keep up with the rest of my family!

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