Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Snow fun

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With two little ones it can get pretty tough to get out and spend some time together alone.  Jeff and I didn't get to go out on valentine's day so instead we used the collaborative efforts of our parents to get away for a few days of skiing.  My parents lent us their condo at a ski resort and Jeff's watched the kids while we jetsetted to the mountains.  Jeff and I took a lesson our first day and felt like stars.  I'm not sure if we needed a more advanced class or if the other people in the class needed to be in a lower one.  We started the class with 5 of us and one lady left early on due to altitude sickness, then another girl got to cold and left after lunch and then there were three.  The worst part was the other guy was AWFUL!  I mean the class would stop in one place and he would stop 10 feet away and not be able to get to us reliably.  He was out of control and Jeff and I were concerned to go down the hill anywhere near him.  Thankfully no skiers were injured, but the same can't be said for at least one tree on the mountain. 

Then next day we spent half of the day skiing and then went down the mountain to Denver for some shopping and movies.  We took a break from skiing the next day and went snowmobiling in the morning and tubing in the afternoon.  We kept saying that Jason would have LOVED the tubing.  We rode this moving sidewalk type of thing up the hill and of course Jason would have loved tubing down!  The day after that was our last day so we spent another half day skiing, returned our skis and headed back down the mountain for an early dinner and our flight back home. 
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Our tour guide Snowmobile Steve with Jeff

On our return we discovered that our kids had been complete angels for their grandparents and we were so excited to see them!  We left a few days later and have been returning to life as usual since we got home on Sunday.

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